Best Online Pokie and Casino Reviews in Australia

With the number of Australian online casinos growing every year, it can be hard to know which are best. We at Online Casino Mate have done all of the research for you and found what we believe to be the best Australian online casinos for 2021. Check out our list below! Each online pokies article and casino review, is the result of months of intensive work by our experienced editorial team.

Here at OnlineCasinoMate we examine and compare an online casino in Australia for strengths and weaknesses in these categories to evaluate each Aussie online casino in the best possible and independent way.

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Every Australian casino site is put under the lense and compared for selected criteria. One focus of our Australian online casino comparison is on the trustworthiness of these online casinos. We pay special attention to the payouts, especially with regard to their reliability and duration.

The following applies here: one strength does not make a good online casino. Only those who show excellent performance in all 10 sub-areas make it to the top ranks in the competitive comparison of the best Aussie casino providers.

Our 10 criteria when comparing Australian casinos online

The odds of winning
Range of games
Live Casino offers
Customer service
Online Casino Deposits
Online Casino Withdrawals
Website and usability
Loading times & performance
Welcome bonus
Security and respectability

Top rated online casinos at a glance

It makes perfect sense to look at the overall ratings to find out how good or bad a selected casino turns out. In order to get a holistic impression, it makes the most sense also to examine the individual categories more closely. A good service, for example, quickly makes up for weaknesses in the selection of payment methods. If a casino is lacking certain payment methods this naturally affects the percentage rating of the category.

online casinos Australia

How relevant a criterion is, depends a little on the player. Perhaps you don’t care at all about the welcome bonus. Instead, you prefer to be provided with sufficient roulette versions. Other users, on the other hand, set the standards completely differently than you would. This is exactly why the final rating alone is not sufficient to get a holistic picture.

Which Criteria are important to you

Are you looking for a reputable casino and need help? We want to make it as easy as possible for you. Our casino guide shows you which criteria are important to our editorial team. Since each team member has their own special area, we would like to introduce ourselves in more detail and show you from which know-how you can profit as a reader from our site.

Once an online casino has met our first basic requirements, we comprehensively compare them to find a representative result after weeks or months of research. Our goal is to produce an objective evaluation that isn’t based on assumptions, but facts and standards. The 10 criteria listed below were all assessed according to the same standard. For each criterion, a percentage rating was given based on strict comparison with the casinos in question. Finally, we integrated our points into an overall rating that should reveal which online casinos are good and which less so.

1. The odds of winning

The odds offered at casino games and in the overall average are among the most important features of reputable casinos. If the chances of high payouts are low, then you will undoubtedly lose the fun of playing sooner or later. In addition, low odds indicate a lack of reliability. Because then only the casino earns money.

2. Range of games

How well an online casino is rated by us always depends on its game selection, which we have checked from all relevant perspectives. Ultimately, the aim is to offer as wide a selection of games as possible. However, this must not only fit quantitatively but above all qualitatively. And this is precisely where many providers have already failed in our intensive pre-selection.

On the one hand, an online casino needs to offer all conceivable game categories. The focus is usually on online pokies Australia, but roulette, blackjack, poker, and other categories are also important. After all, there are enough players who prefer classic entertainment.

The more options offered, the better. 100 or more different online pokies are not uncommon today. That is precisely why we took a closer look at the other game categories. It is always a plus if the provider offers a live casino. The modern form of entertainment has been experiencing a more than a positive response for several years. All the better if you as a player do not have to search for a suitable provider for a long time.

3. Live Casino Offers

For some time now, hardly any casino can do without a live casino area. Here you can play against real croupiers or dealers at gaming tables. And if that is not immersive enough, the games are broadcasted live and via webcams – from studios in rental specifically for this purpose, which look very similar to a real casino.

The range of live casino games is steadily growing. A few years ago, only traditional roulette, blackjack, and baccarat tables were on offer, and today there is a massive selection of exciting versions of these classics.

The more high-quality game variants a live casino offers, the better it is rated by us. But, of course, the quality and the chances of winning must also be consistent. So the following applies here in particular: quality before quantity!

Although the selection in the live casino is not as extensive as in the virtual section, you can also speak of variety here in the meantime. As a rule, only table games are offered. The occasional attempt to provide live pokies has so far failed miserably.

4. Customer service

You may need advice. Help regarding payments, free spins or bonus offers and wagering requirements can usually be found in a detailed FAQ section of the provider. We assume that all common questions are already dealt with in detail. If other topics are your concern, it is all the more important that you are provided with reliable and competent support.

OnlineCasinoMate has dealt in detail with the support of the online casinos and examined how well or poorly they react to the customers’ concerns in the event of a case. It is not only about good accessibility but also about receiving an answer promptly – preferably one that is technically correct and easy for the layman to understand.

Support that is not available 24 hours a day is not a direct exclusion criterion for us. In this case the usual contact options should be available – starting with live chat and ending with a hotline that is as free of charge as possible.

5. Casino Deposit Options

If you want to play for real money, then depositing is usually unavoidable. Of course, there is a no deposit bonus here and there (more on this below), but this is not the rule. Accordingly, when choosing a casino, you should find out more about which payment methods are available.

OnlineCasinoMate has examined several criteria in this area. Are you charged fees?”. In reputable online casinos, transactions are usually free of charge. If it’s not the case, the fee incurred will have a corresponding effect on the rating.

In our large pre-selection, we came across a few providers who charge – albeit small – fees for deposits. Its ood to be aware of this fact

However, if you deposit money frequently, a fee will have a considerable impact on your account balance. For this reason alone, OnlineCasinoMate has tried to avoid such casinos as much as possible. This is especially true if other criteria are not consistent.

6. Online Casino Payouts

When it comes to payment providers for the withdrawal of winnings, it is not just a matter of them being quick and easy to use. Much more relevant is how security is offered – especially for players who withdraw substantial sums. First and foremost, the service providers bear the responsibility because they have to encode all data and ensure that third parties do not have access to funds.

Casino operators are also obliged to enter exactly such service providers into their cash register system. Therefore, they should convince themselves of the security to not gamble away the customers’ trust.

If a casino appears rogue in terms of payouts or refuses payments with bad excuses, then it is time to remove it from our casino list. If our editors have any doubts, we deliberately distance ourselves from the provider. After all, OnlineCasinoMate is all about protecting you, the reader, from fraudsters. The companies we have found have been able to dispel any doubts. Even if a payout of winnings takes longer than planned, this is no reason for us to question the seriousness of the casino.

A traditional bank transfer is a standard in every online casino. We have hardly been able to find a company that does not offer this option to its customers. However, they have complied with the players’ wish to offer faster alternatives. Who wants to wait several bank working days until a game for real money is finally possible?

7. Mobile casino experience and usability

The mission of every Australian online casino should be to make the whole gambling experience as pleasant as possible for players – and thus also to offer inexperienced customers a reasonable basis. The best casinos in the industry rely on a simple, easy-to-follow website that does not cause confusion right from the start. Our editorial team requires clear structures and well-thought-out menu navigation. If you fail at the registration stage because you lose your way, you certainly won’t bother to click your way through the jungle of advertising and the like.

Especially when it comes to the structure of the game sections, an excellent online casino should immediately provide clarity. Especially if the portfolio is very extensive, the player expects all areas to be self-explanatory and easy to use. We have reviewed all websites for their intuitive usability, theme structure and possible pitfalls at the casino. We share our experiences in the corresponding section.

Many online casinos tend to restructure and redesign their websites from time to time completely. Therefore, we also keep an eye for this and inform you if the new structure changes our rating.

The most significant advantage is secured by online casinos that offer mobile gambling – be it a mobile site or a suitable app that is specially tailored to smartphone software.

If the mobile casino convinces with excellent site loading times and a pleasant user interface, and our rating automatically goes up. A difficult time for the casino brands that are still in the early stages of mobile gambling. It is precisely in this category that they have the opportunity to use innovations and overtake the competition.

The classic mobile phone was already replaced by modern smartphones years ago. These devices can do much more than making a telephone contact or store telephone numbers. They are small high-performance pc’s that are predestined for virtual games of chance. Therefore, it is less surprising that more than 50% of all mobile phone users who play in online casinos on their PC have now discovered the mobile alternative.

8. Loading times & performance

How much patience do you have? Let’s be honest: hardly anyone is patient enough to wait longer than 30 seconds for the website or even the preferred game to load. If there are also jerks and delays during the game, the proverbial oven is directly off, and you only feel the need to look around for another online casino.

australian online casino reviews

When we talk about live casinos, interruptions are frustrating. Players who gamble a lot of money would assume deliberate fraud at this point. After all, we are so technologically advanced in Australia that fast loading times and error-free game play should be a matter of course.

So our editorial team put the casinos in question to the test. We will explain the results and our verdict in detail in this section, while always looking at the mobile website or app of the provider.

9. Deposit Welcome Bonus Package

We love to get presents! We are sure that our readers are looking for the best possible australia casino bonuses as well. It is Not advisable to be blinded by a high amount of bonus. It says nothing about how reilable the casino really is.

The welcome bonus is typically given as a certain amount of money to play with as you start. Some casinos require an initial deposit in order to collect the starting funds, where others offer bonuses without any deposit necessary during special promotions. To find the best offers, we’ve gathered all of the information about them in our casino comparison guide.

Even the most generous welcome bonus is of no use to you if the casino you choose sets the playthrough requirements at a difficult level. OnlineCasinoMate therefore set to work and found out what really matters when it comes to starting credit at the casino. One thing is already clear: The amount as such is secondary. It is much more important than the provider’s conditions can be fulfilled. These factors together count towards the evaluation at the end of the Australian casino comparison.

And these are the criteria according to which we evaluate a casino bonus offer:

When you first deposit money into an online casino, how high of a percentage bonus do they give you? The higher the better right? Now, let’s calculate it. 100% is the standard today, but some casinos entice new players with odds that are significantly higher – these casinos deserve a plus point because generosity starts with the percentage given as a welcome bonus.

A 200% bonus sounds appealing. Although, it is necessary to keep track of when the playthrough requirements are met. In the end, your starting balance matters too. Getting $10 as a bonus isn’t that useful in comparison to receiving $100. We know that there are large variations between different casinos online we compare and review.

A welcome bonus is issued as a starting out offer to players at an online casino and can’t be withdrawn until it’s been wagered a designated number of times. The amount varies depending on the casino, but most require that the player wager their own deposit plus 50 times the value of any bonuses they obtain.

Which games are eligible for a turnover? You’ll typically find the answer in the terms and conditions, often called T&Cs or FAQ. The reason: If you abide by all of the restrictions, you will be able to withdraw any winnings. More and more casinos allow players to wager part of the bonus amount at tables such as roulette or poker but usually these credit poorly. Other casinos exclude classics entirely.

In general, we recommend not to focus too much on the bonus offer but to consider the remaining criteria. Regardless of this, promotions change often so it is good that regular customers can also benefit from special bonuses and actions.

10. Safety and Licensing

Here are few steps which will help you to find a reliable and reputable casino:

-You should look for an operator with a license issued from responsible jurisdictions.

-Pay close attention to the selection of games on offer. Deposit methods, player protection measures, bonus offers and terms and conditions must also be considered when deciding where to play.

A reputable online casino should have safe and secure software as well as easily accessible customer service available in English. Pay attention to the bonus conditions that will be linked to payout when choosing an online casino. You want it to be fair and achievable, because this is also a deciding factor for the seriousness of a legitimate casino.

Online Casino Mate is the go-to site for reviews of safe and premium gaming sites. We are passionate about helping people tap into game opportunities designed to provide a pleasurable, fulfilling experience while skillfully managing their money with confidence.