Play Online Keno Australia 2021

Keno is a game of chance that many Australians enjoy. It’s often played in pubs, clubs, and casinos around the country with a small group of friends or family members. However, more people are now playing online keno as they discover how convenient it can be to play from home on their own personal computer or laptop. Online keno offers players all the same excitement and thrill of traditional offline games but without leaving the house! So if you’re looking for an exciting new way to spend your evening, try online keno today!

How to Register and Play Online Keno

To play online keno, you’ll need to download the online game first (you can find links to a few options in this blog post) and set up an account with your preferred provider. Once everything’s been completed, it’s time for some online live casino fun!

This online gambling game can be played across all of the most popular Australian online casinos. Players set themselves a budget and then select their numbers on different sets, either with three or five vertical lines each that cover 15 numbers from one to 80. The player needs to buy as many chances as they want, and once this is done, it’s time to let the online system randomly generate their numbers.

Keno online is a game of chance – your objective in this game is to select numbers from one through 80 and wait for them to be drawn randomly. You’re hoping that the number you picked will match up with those who are selected, otherwise known as a “keno”. The more keno numbers you get correct, the higher your payout.

The online Keno game is easy to play and offers players a chance of winning big money prizes! You’ll know that you’ve won when your number comes up on screen (just like traditional offline games) so it’s important not to forget about online keno while trying other online casino games.

What strategies can be applied in keno?

Players can apply a number of different strategies when playing online keno. The first strategy to try is picking “numbers” or numbers close together because the more you pick, the higher chance you have of guessing correctly and winning money! Another popular keno online technique is known as “tactical play”. This involves players selecting two sets of numbers that are close together (e.g., two sets of five and six).

Some online Keno players may also choose to use a strategy called “combining”. This involves playing online keno with sets of two numbers at once. For example, if online keno is played using six different numbers, then combinations would be chosen as 18-27 or 37-30 etc., and the player who guesses correctly wins money!

How to receive a real money bonus from playing keno online

New online Keno players can also receive a bonus to use when playing online keno. Bonuses come in the form of free casino credits that players can redeem for money so they get an extra chance at winning! This welcome bonus is perfect for Australians who are new online Keno players and want to try the game for free or maybe have a little fun without actually betting any real money.

The online keno bonus is also very useful for online Keno players who need help getting started but don’t want to put their own money down on bets until they know how the game works. It’s a great way to get online Keno tips, tricks, and strategies from other online players without having the risk of losing any money.

Some online casinos also offer extra bonuses when you sign up as an online keno player with them. This is because they know how popular Keno games are in Australia so they want to attract new players by offering more online keno bonuses.

This online Keno bonus can range from just doubling the amount of money you bet to giving players up to $3000 in online casino credit and free bets!

What are the best Keno numbers to pick?

The best numbers to pick in online keno are not always the same as they would be for traditional, offline play. For Australian players, you should look for a combination of two sets of consecutive numbers and avoid picking any single number that appears more than three times in a row on your ticket (e.g., 37-37-38). This will help maximize your chances of winning when playing this game with an internet connection!


It may be worth your time to play online keno in Australia for real money, depending on what you are looking for. Online keno is a game of chance that will require minimal investment and can be played from anywhere with an internet connection. If you’re trying to kill some time, don’t mind the low stakes involved, or enjoy playing games like bingo, then it might not hurt to give this one a try! But if you have more specific needs – such as fast payouts or high-stakes gambling – there are better options out there. In either case, Australians can enjoy their favorite pastime without leaving home by taking advantage of these new digital gaming opportunities. So go ahead and take the plunge.